Complete Learner's Toolkit: Metacognition, growth mindset and beyond

Equipping the modern learner to succeed at school and in life

ISBN13 : 9781781353172

Author(s) : Jackie Beere

Publisher : Independent Thinking Press, 2019

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The Complete Learner’s Toolkit enables schools to transform their pupils’ learning and make a positive impact on their personal and emotional development.

The book has been divided into three sections – emotional intelligence, learning to learn and values for life – and offers teachers a comprehensive collection of activities that will help nurture truly independent learners, confident and resilient in their ability to learn and to learn well.

It includes 40-plus lessons designed to last up to one hour, with each lesson being accompanied by a full set of teacher’s notes. All of the activities included have been devised to develop the habits of metacognition associated with academic progress, and this revised edition also features new material relating to growth mindset and the responsible use of social media.

Suitable for use with pupils aged 7–16 years of age.

Jackie Beere