d2 Test of Attention – Revised (D2-R) eManual

Author(s) : R. Brickenkamp, L. Schmidt-Atzert & D. Liepmann

Publisher : Hogrefe UK

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Purpose: Measure attention
Age: 9–60 years
Time: 10 minutes
Format: Online

The d2 Test of Attention (D2-R) consists of 14 screens of 60 symbols (in 6 rows of 10). Each symbol consists of a ‘d’ or ‘p’ marked with one, two, three or four small dashes. The test taker must scan the lines and cross out all occurrences of the letter ‘d’ with two dashes while ignoring all other symbols.

The d2-R has been praised for its value in measuring focus of attention. The d2-R measures a variety of facets, including:

  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Sustained attention
  • Mental speed
  • Processing speed
  • Working speed
  • Perceptual speed
  • General performance capacity

The updated d2-R includes the following enhancements:

  • An additional practice phase to enhance test taker understanding
  • The removal of ceiling effects by extending the length of the test lines

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R. Brickenkamp, L. Schmidt-Atzert & D. Liepmann

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