Data Analysis Applications

ISBN13 : 9780864315243

Author(s) : Kay Lipson

Publisher : ACER Press, 2008

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Data Analysis Applications provides mathematics teachers with a comprehensive, informal introduction to data analysis and its applications, drawing on classical and contemporary perspectives of statistics.

The material is developed in a conversational style through a range of sample contexts of interest, and will provide teachers of secondary mathematics with a practical insight into the key ideas and processes of data analysis. The approach includes the active use of technology with real data to support exploratory, descriptive and inferential aspects of statistics.

In particular, this book will be a valuable reference and resource for teachers of senior secondary mathematics courses that include substantial data analysis.

The content covers key statistical concepts, issues in statistics, uni-variate and bi-variate categorical and numerical data, data transformation and writing a statistical report, with related student activities and solution notes for each chapter.

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Kay Lipson