EDI-3 Introductory Kit

Author(s) : David M Garner

Publisher : PAR, 2004

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The Eating Disorder Inventory-3 (EDI-3) is a 91 item self-report measure of psychological traits or constructs shown to be clinically relevant in individuals with eating disorders.

The EDI-3 provides a standardised clinical evaluation of symptomatology associated with eating disorders, assisting in developing treatment plans, creating specific interventions, and monitoring progress in individuals with eating disorders.

The EDI-3 and EDI-3 RF can be administered and scored by hand, or administered and/or scored online via PARiConnect.

The EDI-3 Introductory Kit includes:

  • EDI-3 Professional Manual
  • 25 Item Booklets
  • 25 Answer Sheets
  • 25 Percentile/T-Score Profile Forms
  • 25 Symptom Checklists
  • EDI-3 Referral Form Manual
  • 25 Referral Forms
David M Garner

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