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1 Teacher + up to 35 students

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ESGI (Educational Software for Guiding Instruction) was developed to provide teachers with solutions to meet the unique challenges of early childhood education (Pre-K – Year 2). ESGI is the leading progress monitoring solution for early childhood educators - Teachers guide instruction while saving over 400 hours with one-on-one assessments.

Inform instruction with real-time data, access 1000s of customisable assessments and personalise parent communications.

ESGI Inclusions

  • 2000+ Preloaded Assessments: Quickly access assessments for SEL, Reading Intervention and more.
  • Create Custom Assessments: Design and build your own custom assessments with the Auto Test Creator, and customise assessments specific to your students and curriculum for any subject or grade level
  • Shared Assessments: Teachers can easily create their own or edit ESGI assessments to share across the school.
  • Charts, Graphs & Reports: Guide instruction with real-time student data for individual students or your entire class.
  • Admin & Pre-Assess Accounts: View real time data in multi-tiered reporting levels and automate the kindergarten pre-screening process.
  • Instructional Resources: Practice skills with individualised flashcards and a Bingo game.
  • Customised Parent Letters: ESGI makes it easy to demonstract progress - increase parent communication with parent letters and reports.
  • Parent Conferences: Streamline parent conference scheduling with personalised reminders. Use the simple template and the preloaded student names to quickly schedule parent conferences, create personalised letters and reminders in multiple languages.
  • ESGI Virtual Academy: Teacher access to the ESGI Virtural Academy, with on-demand videos to get you started (how to test, student screen, reporting, parent communications and more).

The ESGI – Teacher License is a 12 month license with access all features of the ESGI software for 1 teacher + up to 35 students.

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