For Those Who Teach

ISBN13 : 9781742860176

Author(s) : Phil Ridden

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011

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There are many things over which teachers have little control and which are difficult to change; but teachers can change how they view the challenges they face, and how they deal with them.

Phil Ridden loves education, but he is worried about teachers. So many seem to have lost their sense of purpose. They feel put upon and powerless. They feel alone in a difficult job.

For Those Who Teach draws on the author's wealth of experience and on his passion for teaching. Much more than mere words of advice, this book seeks to actively engage teachers and help shape their attitudes.

In a direct and positive manner, For Those Who Teach addresses the realities of the profession: from context to curriculum, from collaboration to community, from understanding teaching as a calling to the days when we struggle to cope.

Whether a novice teacher-trainee or a veteran of many years, For Those Who Teach will inspire teachers to regain their balance, their focus, their motivation, and their determination to make a difference in students' lives.

Dr Phil Ridden has been the Head of the Primary School at St Stephen's School in Western Australia for nearly 20 years. His career in education has spanned many years as a primary and secondary teacher, curriculum writer, professional development consultant, deputy principal and principal, school council member and parent, in government and independent schools.