GARS-3 Summary/Response Form (pkg 50)

Author(s) : James E. Gilliam

Publisher : Pro-ED USA, 2014

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The Gilliam Autism Rating Scale-Third Edition (GARS-3) assists teachers, parents, and clinicians in identifying autism in individuals and estimating its severity. The GARS-3 yields standard scores, percentile ranks, severity level, and probability of Autism.

The GARS-3 Summary/Response Form provides the space to record the individual's demographic details, the rater responses, the raw scores, standard scores, percentile ranks and information related to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Now available! Online Scoring, Administration, and Report System.

Access to the GARS-3 Online Administration, Scoring, and Report System is now included with the purchase of each pack of GARS-3 Summary/Response Forms.

This administration, scoring, and report system was designed as a quick, efficient tool for:

Completing ratings online;
Entering test session data;
Converting subscale item scores or total raw scores into scaled scores and percentile ranks;
Generating Autism Index scores and percentile ranks;
Obtaining a score summary and narrative report;
Saving or printing examinee responses;
Generating treatment goals and objectives based on the item performance of the student.

Your activation code required to access the online system is printed on the Forms. Information on how to set up your new account is found in the Manual. Each test user requires an account - an organisation can set up a single account and add examiners/administrators as required.

Activation URL.

James E. Gilliam

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