HARE PCL-R 2nd ed. Quickscore Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Robert D. Hare

Publisher : MHS, 2003

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The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised: 2nd Edition (HARE PCL-R 2nd ed.) assesses psychopathic personality disorders in forensic populations, providing complete coverage of the domain of psychopathic traits and behaviours.

Ratings are made using a structured interview and a review of collateral information. Scoring is based on the degree to which an individual's personality and behaviour match the items in the Rating Booklet.

As in the original version, the HARE PCL-R: 2nd ed. provides a total score. The total score can be interpreted dimensionally in terms of degree of match to the prototypical psychopath, or it can be used categorically to help identify/diagnose psychopaths.

The reusable Rating Booklet contains all of the information needed to administer and score the PCL-R. The Rating Booklet provides an easily accessible format to consult the rating criteria for each of the 20 PCL-R items.

The HARE PCL-R 2nd ed. Quickscore Form is completed by the clinician. It is a self-scoring form used to record the ratings of the individual on each of the 20 HARE PCL-R 2nd ed. items.

The clinician writes on the external layers of the form, and the results then transfer through to the hidden scoring grid within. They can then easily obtain scores and convert them into T-scores.

Robert D. Hare

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