Helping Babies Help Themselves

From in your arms to standing alone. An illustrated guide

ISBN13 : 9781742860992

Author(s) : Vickie Meade and Janette Heath Osborne. Illustrated by Christina Frank

Publisher : ACER Press, 2012

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Helping Babies Help Themselves is an essential resource for parents to feel supported in helping their babies achieve their physical potential, whilst developing their strength and confidence from newborn infants to when they pull/stand.

Written by two highly experienced paediatric physiotherapists, Helping Babies Help Themselves explains in straightforward terms how babies express their feelings and demonstrate their physical needs at different developmental stages, through their facial expressions, noises and the way they move.

Parents can use this book to focus on the subtle elements that make each baby's motor skill development unique. Understanding and anticipating each challenge will guide parents to give their infant just the right help when it is needed.

Quick tips, key points and frequently asked questions provide clear and simple advice from ways to wrap and help babies settle, to where to place your hands to guide and assist them to move.

Dr Vickie Meade is a board-certified clinical specialist in paediatric physical therapy, with a Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. Dr Meade is currently active in research on early screening and innovative service delivery models for infants, young children and their families. Dr Meade has been teaching courses related to early screening and intervention for over twenty years, as Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Physical Therapy Program at St. Catherine University, Minnesota (St. Paul Campus), at Seattle Pacific University and internationally.

Janette Heath Osborne is a physiotherapist and has had over twenty-five years of clinical involvement with infants and their families. She became Clinical Supervisor then lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy, University of Sydney, and was chief physiotherapist at the Crown Street Women's Hospital, Sydney where she worked in the intensive care unit and started the growth and development follow-up clinic, with Vickie Meade and a multidisciplinary team. She is currently active in continuing her interests in mothers and babies working with early childhood nurse specialists in Sydney.