Honey Ant Readers - Readers 1-15 Set

ISBN13 : 9781925002621

Author(s) : Margaret James

Publisher : Honey Ant Readers Pty Ltd., 2011

SKU : 997HON

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The Honey Ant Readers (HAR) is an exciting literacy program that Indigenous learners can relate to and succeed with.

It is the first ever early reading program in Australia to be developed in collaboration with, and at the request of, Indigenous elders and community and written specifically for speakers of Aboriginal English. It is underpinned by sound pedagogy and second language acquisition theory and supported by songs and rhymes which teach Standard Australian English.

The Honey Ant Readers 1-15 Set includes the 15 HAR reading books, which progressively become more complex. Presented in a beautiful, colourful display box.

Titles include:

  • Nana Dig
  • Nana dig in red sand
  • Big mob ants
  • Dig Dig Dig
  • Honey ants yum
  • Wet kids running
  • Stop dog
  • Stop the bus
  • Get the snake
  • Wet Baby
  • Run Goanna Run
  • Drowned him, Drowned him
  • Gotta get the baby
  • A big man grabs sister
  • Get that fat perenite
Margaret James