How Schools Counter Bullying

Policies and Procedures in Selected Australian Schools

ISBN13 : 9780864319739

Author(s) : Ken Rigby and E Barrington Thomas

Publisher : ACER Press, 2010

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Based on the research that was conducted using the Peer Relations Assessment Questionnaire (PRAQ) for the Criminology Research Council, this title provides advice and guidance on implementing effective anti-bullying strategies within schools.

How Schools Counter Bullying provides the resulting qualitative and quantitative data and takes an in-depth look at how schools in Australia have dealt with bullying.

Key Features

  • Describes specific policies, plans and activities that schools have been able to implement to counter bullying
  • Discusses the effectiveness and impact of various approaches in working with the whole school
  • Information on how to introduce pro-social curriculum content and dealing with specific bullying incidents.
Ken Rigby and E Barrington Thomas