In Their Own Hands

Can young people change Australia?

ISBN13 : 9781742860114

Author(s) : Rosalyn Black and Lucas Walsh

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011

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Young people are often characterised as disengaged and apathetic - but young people's active participation in social, political and civic life shows they are in fact leading social change.

In Their Own Hands: Can young people change Australia? documents and celebrates this active participation, and critically examines the barriers that can hinder it.

It takes an in-depth look at the degree to which the voice of young people is genuinely heard and valued in Australia.

This book challenges the view that young people are disengaged, while providing a set of needed signposts for change at the level of core social institutions and processes.

Dr Lucas Walsh is the Director of Research and Evaluation at The Foundation for Young Australians. Dr Walsh co-ordinates, commissions and conducts research as part of a national agenda for policy change. He has published on a wide range of topics related to young people, social equity and citizenship. Previously Dr Walsh has held three academic research fellowships in areas ranging from international education, new media and democracy, to cultural diversity in Australian schools. He has been invited to advise governments and present nationally and internationally.

Rosalyn Black is the Senior Manager, Research and Evaluation with The Foundation for Young Australians, a PhD student with the Youth Research Centre and an occasional lecturer in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne. Her 25-year career combines teaching, policy development and research across the school, higher education, government and non-profit sectors. She has published widely on issues including social inclusion, new models of schooling, and youth participation and citizenship. She is the author of Beyond the Classroom: Building new school networks (ACER Press, 2008).