International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM²C) Registration: 1–4 Teams

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The IM²C is an international modelling competition involving teams of secondary students from a number of countries. The IM²C poses a number of real-world mathematical scenarios, and each team works for several days using freely available material (from the web and other sources). At the end of this time, each team presents a report on their solution. The challenge awards prizes to the top teams.  

The main aim of the IM²C is to promote mathematical modelling, encouraging participants to explore the application of mathematics in real situations to solve problems of importance.

Teams consist of up to four secondary level students enrolled in the same school and in order to participate a team must have a team advisor, usually a teacher, from that school. It is the advisor’s responsibility to make sure that teams follow all steps required for participation in IM²C. Teams will choose up to five days during the competition period to work on the problem and complete their team report.

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