Kit and Arlo Find a Way

The ultimate program to support teachers and parents when teaching consent to 8–12 year olds.


Winner of 2023 Educational Publishing Australia Awards for Best Primary Chapter Book and Outstanding Primary Resource.

ISBN13 : 9781742866536

Author(s) : Ingrid Laguna and Vanessa Hamilton

Publisher : ACER Press, 2022

SKU : A5379BK

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Holistic and age-appropriate consent education is mandatory in Australian schools from 2023.

Kit and Arlo Find a Way is the multi-award-winning program for teachers and parents to teach 8-12 year olds
about consent and respectful relationships.

The program includes: 

  • an action-packed and relatable fictional chapter book
  • lesson plans and discussion points
  • activity templates
  • online teaching activities
  • videos
  • webinars
  • podcasts 
  • updated links to additional resources.

What does teaching consent mean?

Kit goes to school with her friends Harley and Vanya, and always tries her best at everything she does. Arlo is too loud, too close, just too... much. But when a moving van pulls up next to Kit’s house one weekend, Kit and Arlo find out they have a lot more in common than they thought. Join Kit, Arlo and their friends as they navigate school, home life and friendships, and learn more than a few things about how to get along.

Kit and Arlo Find a Way: Stories about consent for 8–12 year olds is a much needed consent teaching resource for Grades 3 to 6. An action-packed and relatable fictional chapter book, Kit and Arlo is a page-turning journey of upper primary school kids – Kit, Arlo, Harley and Vanya – developing and exploring friendships with plenty of ups and downs. Entertaining and compelling as a standalone narrative, Kit and Arlo’s secret weapon is that it contains all of the complex components of consent and includes respectful relationships education in an age-appropriate format.

Teachers and parents can read the story, chapter by chapter, and then use the discussion points and ‘read and respond’ notes to facilitate conversations around consent in child-friendly ways. For schools and families needing a more in-depth consent and respectful relationships curriculum, a dedicated Kit and Arlo resources platform houses evidence-based teaching activities, videos, webinars, podcasts, resource links and lesson plans designed to tie in with the story.

Kit and Arlo Find a Way is a vital resource for schools and families doing the essential work of empowering kids with decision-making skills that will carry through to their interactions and relationships later on in life.

The Educational Publishing Awards Australia (EPAA) also recognised the importance and quality of this resource, awarding Kit and Arlo Find a Way wins for both the Educational Chapter Book and Outstanding Primary Resource categories. 

Key topics include:

  • body boundaries and safety
  • verbal and non-verbal cues
  • developing a sense of self, personal strength and self-determination
  • understanding that the responsibly of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ should be shared
  • understanding that shared activities should have enthusiastic, affirmative and ongoing consent
  • having the courage to withdraw consent
  • understanding gendered stereotypes, coercion and power imbalances
  • learning to have empathy for others
  • managing disappointment when someone changes their mind
  • how to be an upstander when someone is being harmed
  • the keys to respectful relationships and better friendships.

Teaching consent to children

For schools and families needing a more in-depth consent and respectful relationships curriculum, a dedicated Kit and Arlo resources platform houses evidence-based teaching activities, videos, webinars, podcasts, resource links and lesson plans designed to tie in with the story.

Consent is integral to human relationships throughout our whole lives. It is complex and also surprisingly simple.

The basic principles of consent must always apply to all of our connections, including with family, friends, work and play. 

However, people are complex. In different situations, we can experience a range of different feelings, thoughts and emotions. In order to be sure that someone wants to share an experience with us equally, and that they are giving affirmative permission;

We need to make important choices and decisions to ensure we always have and give consent. 

Educational Publishing Awards Australia

'Kit and Arlo Find a Way is a much-needed teaching and learning resource. This chapter book is a comprehensive educational tool supported by a dedicated resources platform that houses evidence-based teaching activities, videos, webinars, podcasts, resource links and lesson plans. … Praise for this educational resource was unanimous on the judging panel. An outstanding resource, a worthy winner.'

Margie Buttriss, Director, HUSHeducation

'We recently introduced the book Kit and Arlo to a cohort of Year 6 male students. For our session we concentrated on Chapter 12 and discussions and activities around online safety, exposure to pornography and body safety or protective behaviours themes in relation to seeking advice and assistance from trusted adults.
The book itself, and the accompanying instruction videos and lesson plans were an invaluable resource for introducing ’tricky’ topics in an age- and stage-appropriate way.
I recommend to all Grade 4-6 teachers that Kit and Arlo is a perfect book for whole class reading, with unlimited potential for conversation starters (teachable moments).'

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chair of the Anti-Defamation Commission, Australia’s leading civil rights organisation fighting bigotry and hatred in all its forms.

'This gripping, and in various ways, kinetic book, encases within its midst a treasure trove of epiphanies that will shake to the core its young readers as it asks questions primarily about consent, but in reality, is an utterly original meditation about humanity and a majestic rumination on the human heart. Deeply moving, the riveting and compassionate way in which Laguna deftly interweaves this thorny and multiplex subject into the storyline is dazzling, ingenious and illuminating. The legacy of this startling, exhilarating work will endure, and will certainly change minds and hearts. Kit and Arlo Find a Way marks the fulfillment of a bold writer at the peak of her talents and is a remarkable achievement.'

Cath Hakanson

'Kit and Arlo Find a Way: Teaching Consent to 8-12 year olds by Ingrid Laguna and Vanessa Hamilton is a great resource for having consent conversations with kids who have outgrown picture books!

Preteens or tweens are often at an age where they start to get picky about the books they read. They may find picture books too ‘babyish’, which is a problem as nearly all the consent books are designed for a younger audience. Or they are designed for teens, which means the conversation is all about sex.

So I was a little excited when I heard that there was a consent book for this age group, as they are uncommon.

So, a few things I like about this book. One, it covers all parts of the consent conversation, i.e. no important concepts are missing. I also liked that it has a storyline, which makes it a little bit more interesting than a non-fiction (or fact-based) book.

This book is designed to be read chapter-by-chapter, and it provides simple (but effective) discussion points and ‘read and respond’ notes to talk about consent in an age-appropriate way.

So I think this will be a super helpful book for having these important consent conversations!'

Fiona Hardy  

'Arlo is in Kit’s class at school, but Kit would rather do almost anything else than hang out with him. He invades everyone’s personal space, takes their stuff without asking, and doesn’t care when kids say no. In Kit and Arlo Find a Way, Kit learns how consent works – not only with Arlo, but when it comes to the other people around her, and even to make sure she’s doing the right thing herself.  
Kit and Arlo Find a Way is a clear and positive look at consent, told with Ingrid’s trademark sincerity and heart, with characters that feel as real as the kids you encountered in the schoolyard every day – even when you didn’t want to. Not once heavy-handed, it’s clear that Laguna understands what’s important in the lives of kids, from identity and diversity to Lego and friendly dogs – and it can ring true to everybody that reads it. Kit and Arlo Find a Way asks genuinely thoughtful questions of its readers and everybody – teachers and grown-ups included! – will come away from it with new perspectives on what is and isn’t okay to demand of the people around you. This is a story of respect and equality where every important small chapter will bring big discussions, along with the enjoyment of a great story of how really listening can help you make new friends – and enjoy your time with your old friends even more.'  

Katrina Marson 

‘A delightful and age-appropriate resource for young people to learn practical skills about personal boundaries and consent. This should be in every classroom!’ 

Ailsa Wild 

‘Kit and Arlo’ manages to touch on a huge number of issues around consent in a single, gentle but compelling narrative. I’m an adult and I was swept up in Kit’s journey. I think story is the perfect way to explore these ideas with young people and I’m so glad this resource exists. Thank you for creating it.’ 

Anna Ciddor 

‘A cleverly written, action-packed read that will inspire young people to open up about friendship problems. Young readers will instantly relate to the characters and their friendship problems in this appealing book. A great way to start discussions about important issues.’ 

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Ingrid Laguna is an award-winning novelist and educator. She has published a memoir and numerous books for children. Her work has been published internationally, featured by Reading Australia and given Notable recognition by the Children's Book Council of Australia. Ingrid’s writing has featured in many publications, including The Monthly, The Age, Teacher Magazine and The AEU Magazine. She regularly presents to teachers and students at schools, libraries, festivals and conferences.

Vanessa Hamilton is a sexuality educator and founder of education business ‘Talking The Talk Sex and Health Education’, with over 25 years’ experience as a registered sexual health nurse. She is a parent of 3 teens and is a highly respected speaker, podcaster, blog writer and educator on the topics of human sexuality, consent and respectful relationships. Vanessa has immersed herself in helping parents, teachers and health professionals understand human sexuality and, specifically, how it relates to children.