Majors PT-Elements™ Online Assessment

Author(s) : Mark Majors

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The Majors PT-Elements™ Online Assessment contains 127 items. Fully administered and scored online via the ACER Psych Testing Platform (APT), administrators send a request to their client to complete the assessment online, and are then provided with a detailed 15-page Detail Report.

Additionally, administrators will receive a 2-page Professional's Report, that gives numeric scores and labels for the client's results on the whole type dichotomy (four-letter code), type subscales, Personality Formation scores and Majors/Jungian 8-Process scores.

Majors PT-Elements Sample Detail Report

The Detail Report articulates (for the client) the basics of type dichotomies, their whole type (four-letter code) descriptions and their Elements of Type/Sub-scale information and utility. The report promotes individual growth and understanding with the Elements of Personality Formation statements and provides brief descriptions of the 16-types for further self-exploration and assessment.

Majors PT-Elements Sample Professional's Report

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Mark Majors

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