MMSE-2 Standard Version Red Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Marshal F. Folstein and Susan E. Folstein

Publisher : PAR, 2010

SKU : 601MSE

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The Mini-Mental State Examination, 2nd Edition (MMSE-2) is used to screen for cognitive impairment in adults. For use in clinical or research settings, the MMSE-2 can predict general functional independence in elderly individuals.

With a standard version (MMSE-2:SV) that is equivalent to the original MMSE and brief (MMSE-2:BV) and expanded forms (MMSE-2:EV), the MMSE-2 retains clinical utility and efficiency while expanding the original's usefulness in populations with milder forms of cognitive impairment, including subcortical dementia.

The standard, expanded and brief versions all have Blue and Red Forms, enabling examiners to retest the same patient with reduced practice effects.

The MMSE-2 Standard Version Blue Form is used to record the examinee's responses for the Standard Version only. Scoring is then facilitated on the form.

Marshal F. Folstein and Susan E. Folstein

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