MVPT-4 Record Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Ronald P. Colarusso and Donald D. Hammill

Publisher : Academic Therapy Publications, 2015

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The Motor-Free Visual Perception Test-4 (MVPT-4) provides a quick, reliable, and valid measure of overall visual perceptual ability in children and adults. The only non-motor visual perceptual assessment that can be used throughout the lifespan, the MVPT-4 includes 45 items from the MVPT-3 which have been reorganised and grouped for easier administration.

Stimuli are comprised of black-and-white line drawings and designs, with answer choices presented in an easy to record multiple-choice format. No motor involvement is needed to make a response, making the test particularly useful with those who may have motor disabilities.

The MVPT-4 Record Form is used by the examiner to record the responses provided by the examinee. For each item, the examinee will say or point to either A, B, C or D, and the examiner will then circle these responses on the Record Form.

The number of correct responses are counted, to provide the Total Raw Score (the MVPT-4 does not provide subtest scores).

Ronald P. Colarusso and Donald D. Hammill

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