NAB Screening Module Kit

Author(s) : Robert A Stern and Travis White

Publisher : PAR, 2003

SKU : 991NAB

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The Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB) assesses a wide range of cognitive skills and functions in adults from 18-97 years of age.

The NAB consists of five domain-specific modules: Attention, Language, Memory, Spatial, and Executive Functions. A sixth module, Screening, allows the clinician to determine which of the other five domain-specific modules are appropriate to administer to an individual patient. Each of the six NAB modules is self-contained and may be administered independently of the other modules.

Each of the 33 NAB tests has two equivalent, parallel forms that were created and normed simultaneously to facilitate re-evaluation while avoiding practice effects.

The NAB Screening Module Kit includes materials for 12 tests:

  • NAB Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation Manual
  • NAB Psychometric and Technical Manual
  • NAB Demographically Corrected Norms Manual
  • NAB U.S. Census-Matched Norms Manual
  • 2 Sets of Manipulatives
  • NAB-SP-CD-ROM Software
  • NAB Screening Video Training Program-DVD

Screening Module Form 1 Materials

  • Stimulus Book
  • 25 Record Forms
  • 25 Response Booklets
  • 2 Scoring Templates

Screening Module Form 2 Materials

  • Stimulus Book
  • 25 Record Forms
  • 25 Response Booklets,
  • 2 Scoring Templates
Robert A Stern and Travis White

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