Neale Analysis of Reading Ability Demonstration Audio MP3

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Author(s) : Marie D. Neale

Publisher : ACER Press 2012

SKU : EP036

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The Neale Analysis of Reading Ability Demonstration Audio MP3 has been created to help test users familiarise themselves with the procedure for administering the Neale Analysis of Reading Ability, 3rd Edition.

The administration procedure involves several activities - listening to a child read aloud, prompting where necessary and recording reading errors, comprehension and the time taken to read each passage - so it is important to be thoroughly familiar with the test procedure before using the Neale Analysis of Reading Ability.

The recording is 30 minutes long and includes extracts from test sessions with three children of differing reading abilities. There is also commentary describing and linking various extracts.

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A CD-ROM format is also available.

Marie D. Neale

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