Neale Reader

Author(s) : Marie D Neale

Publisher : ACER Press 1999


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Covering oral reading and comprehension, discrimination of initial and final sounds, names and sounds of the alphabet, graded spelling, auditory discrimination and blending, word lists and silent reading and writing, the Neale 3rd ed. allows educators to measure the accuracy, rate of reading, reading progress and obtain diagnostic observations of reading behaviour.

The Neale 3rd ed. Reader contains all the narratives that might be used to 'hear' the student read.

Practice passages at two different levels at the beginning of the Reader introduce the student to the style of the test and provide a starting point for the examiner. These allow students to know exactly what is expected in the test.

The passages which follow are organised according to their Form, i.e. Standardised Test Form 1, Form 2 or either of the Diagnostic Tutor Forms. Forms are all colour-coded for easy selection.

Additional Supplementary Diagnostic Tests are in the Reader, which allow an examiner to probe the underlying aspects of individual spelling skills, and tests for graded reading. The tests can be used on their own or in any order in conjunction with a Practice Passage or passages on the particular form being used for testing.

Marie D Neale

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