Online CSA-2 Credit (1-99 Credits)

Author(s) : Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis

Publisher : ACER Press

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The Coping Scale for Adults - Second Edition (CSA-2) is used to assess the usage and helpfulness of a range of general and specific coping strategies in adults (18 years and over). It is a research instrument and practical tool designed to support adults in an examination of their own coping behaviour, assessing 20 distinct coping strategies.

The CSA-2 can be administered as a Short Form (20 items - one for each scale), or a Long Form (60 items - three items per scale).

The CSA-2 is able to be administered and scored online via the ACER Psych Testing Platform (APT). Administrators send a request to their client to complete the assessment online, and are then provided with a concise report. APT provides you with more flexibility - CSA-2 credits can be used for your chosen CSA-2 Assessment (short or long form).

Online CSA-2 Long Form Sample Report

Erica Frydenberg and Ramon Lewis

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