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Author(s) : Ira L. Cohen and Vicki Sudhalter

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The PDD Behavior Inventory (PDDBI) is an informant-based rating scale that is designed to assist in in the assessment of children who have been diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) / Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). PDD is characterised by severe and pervasive impairments in several areas of development (e.g., communication skills, reciprocal social interaction skills, presence of stereotypical behaviours/activities).

PARiConnect allows you to administer on-screen in your office, to e-mail an invitation to take an assessment wherever your client may be, or allows you to easily populate responses from a paper-and-pencil administration by entering item-level responses (assessment dependent - some assessments can only be scored online via PARiConnect).

Please note administration and reports are purchased separately. Please see below for more information:

  • Administration - i-Admins (sold in packages of 5): i-Admins provide on-screen test administration, either in your office or remotely. Must purchase either Score or Interpretive report separately. Please ensure you also have access to the assessment Manual. i-Admins provide Administration only. Report uses must be purchased separately.
  • Interpretive reports (sold in packages of 5): Interpretive Reports provide scores, profiles, and interpretive text based on response data from an i-Admin or a paper-and-pencil assessment. If purchasing an Interpretive Report, you do not need to purchase the Score Report. Report only - Administration (i-Admin) uses are sold separately​.
  • Score Reports (sold in packages of 5): Score Reports provide scores and profiles based on response data from an i-Admin or a paper-and-pencil assessment. No interpretation provided. Report only - Administration (i-Admin) uses are sold separately.​

PDDBI Parent Sample Score Report

PDDBI Teacher Sample Score Report

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Ira L. Cohen and Vicki Sudhalter

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