Online RCMAS-2 Manual

Author(s) : Cecil R. Reynolds and Bert O. Richmond

Publisher : WPS

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The Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale, Second Edition (RCMAS-2) measures the level and nature of anxiety, as experienced by children today, using a simple yes-or-no response format.

The RCMAS-2 consists of 49 items, covering five scales (Physiological Anxiety, Worry, Social Anxiety, Defensiveness and Inconsistent Responding Index).

The Second Edition adds a convenient Short Form that is comprised of the first 10 items and can be administered in just 5 minutes.

The online RCMAS-2 is accessed via the WPS Online Evaluation System ( Upon purchase, an online activation code including instructions will be emailed to you.

The Online RCMAS-2 Manual provides information on:


  • Applications and Changes in the RCMAS-2
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation and Clinical Use
  • Case Studies


  • Development and Standardisation
  • Psychometrics (Reliability, Validity and Item Bias)
  • Anxiety Research and the RCMAS-2
Cecil R. Reynolds and Bert O. Richmond

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