Online RISE/Piers-Harris 3 Combination Kit

Publisher : WPS, 2018

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The Piers-Harris 3 quickly measures self-concept in children, adolescents, and young adults, and identifies individuals who need further testing or treatment. Based on the individual’s own perceptions rather than the observations of parents or teachers, the test assesses self-concept and comprises 58 items and six domains (Behavioral Adjustment, Freedom From Anxiety, Happiness and Satisfaction, Intellectual and School Status, Physical Appearance and Attributes and Social Acceptance).

The Risk Inventory and Strengths Evaluation (RISE) is an all-new rating scale that provides a comprehensive understanding of both high-risk behaviors and psychological strengths across home, school, and community settings.

The psychological strengths represent important components of resilience—the quality that enables young people to cope effectively with the stressors and challenges of daily life. Cutoff scores identify high-risk status, prompting clinicians to focus on critical items where safety may be a concern. The RISE Index score compares the individual’s strengths and risk factors, which helps develop a well-informed intervention plan.

The online Piers-Harris 3 and RISE are accessed via the WPS Online Evaluation System ( Upon purchase, an online activation code including instructions will be emailed to you.

The Online RISE/Piers-Harris 3 Combination Kit includes:

  • Online Piers-Harris 3 Kit: Online Manual and 25 online forms
  • Online RISE Kit: Online Manual, 25 online Parent, 25 online Teacher and 25 online Self-Report Forms.

Online Sample Piers-Harris 3 Score Report

Online Sample RISE Parent Score Report

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