Oral and Written Language Scales 2nd ed. (OWLS-II) Unlimited Use Software CD Rom

Author(s) : Dr. Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

Publisher : WPS, 2011

SKU : 717SW

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The Oral and Written Language Scales 2nd ed. (OWLS-II) can be used to provide a complete and integrated picture of oral and written language skills across a wide age range.

The OWLS-II Unlimited Use Software converts raw scores to scale scores, compares scale scores, calculates composites, and generates a graphic score profile. It also provides high-level item analysis and a narrative synopsis. This program saves time and gives you an extremely useful summary of test results.

The software is used for all four language scales (Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression). It is also used with the parallel Form B materials.

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Dr. Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk

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