PAI Plus e-Manual Supplement

An updated way to interpret PAI data

Author(s) : Leslie C. Morey

Publisher : PAR, 2020

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The PAI Plus takes the existing PAI items and gives users an updated way to interpret the data. Using the PAI, an objective inventory of adult personality, the new online report via PARiConnect offers:

  • DSM-5® update: Updated diagnostic possibilities align with the criteria.
  • Alternative Model Profile: An optional new profile scores in accordance with the Alternative Model for Personality Disorders.
  • Additional supplemental indices: Based on years of academic research, 15 new supplemental indices provide additional profile information related to negative and positive distortion and random responding. Supplemental clinical indicators provide profile information related to suicidality, aggression, level of care, presence of ADHD, and more.
  • Context-specific norm groups: Including profile overlays for bariatric surgery candidates, child custody evaluations, chronic pain patients, college students, deployed military, egg donors/gestational carriers, motor vehicle accident claimants, police applicants, and potential kidney donors. This profile is overlayed onto the examinee’s profile to allow for comparison.
  • Updated report: An updated look and feel create a streamlined and modern-looking report.

The manual supplement details the research, theory, and development behind this update. The PAI Plus Manual Supplement only covers additions found in this version of the report. Purchase of the PAI Professional Manual, 2nd Ed. is recommended.

Please note PAI Plus reports are available online via PARiConnect, and now via the PAI Software Portfolio Download (PAI-SP).

Your e-Manual supplement will be made available to download after purchase (please allow 24 hours).

Leslie C. Morey

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