PAI/PAI PLUS Data Entry Item/Response Booklet (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Leslie C. Morey

Publisher : PAR

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The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) is a 344-item, self-administered assessment used to assess adult personality and psychopathology, from 18-89 years of age. It assesses psychopathological syndromes and provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and screening for psychopathology.

The PAI/PAI PLUS Data Entry Item/Response Booklet (pkg 25) is a combined item booklet and answer sheet for use with PAI Software Portfolio (PAI-SP) or PARiConnect online, allowing the respondent to complete the assessment with the one Booklet.

The data from the PAI/PAI PLUS Data Entry Item/Response Booklet can be entered into the PAI-SP (scoring software program) or PARiConnect (online) for scoring and report generation. Please note additional purchases required to use the PAI-SP or PARiConnect.

New! The PAI PLUS Clinical Interpretive Report and the PAI Plus Score Report were previously only available via PARiConnect online, but are now available via the PAI-SP. The PAI Plus reports give users users an updated way to interpret the data, including a DSM-5 update, optional Alternative Model for Personality Disorders Profile, 15 additional supplemental indices, and the ability to add context-specific normative profile overlays to your client profile.

Leslie C. Morey

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