PAI Software Portfolio (PAI-SP) Download

with PAI, PAS, PAI-IE and PAI PLUS Software Modules

Author(s) : Leslie C. Morey

Publisher : PAR

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The Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) is a 344-item, self-administered assessment used to assess adult personality and psychopathology, from 18-89 years of age. It assesses psychopathological syndromes and provides information relevant for clinical diagnosis, treatment planning, and screening for psychopathology.

The PAI Software Portfolio (PAI-SP) Download is a powerful diagnostic and interpretive system that provides interpretation of the 22 PAI scales modified by all relevant subscale-to-scale and subscale-to-subscale considerations. In addition to scoring the PAI forms, the software generates comprehensive, useful, and accurate 10- to 15-page PAI Clinical Interpretive Reports or 2- to 4-page PAS Score Reports.

Examinees can complete the assessment on-screen (via Counter Serials) or clinicians can key enter data obtained from hard-copy Data Entry Item/Response Booklets.

The PAI-SP Download includes:

  • PAI software (with PAI, PAS, PAI-IE and PAI Plus Modules)
  • On-Screen Help
  • Software Download Quick Start Guide
  • Your serial number and a link to download your software will be e-mailed to you.

Features and benefits

  • New: Offers the PAI Plus Clinical Interpretive Report and the PAI Plus Score Report! The PAI Plus reports give users users an updated way to interpret the data, including a DSM-5 update, optional Alternative Model for Personality Disorders Profile, 15 additional supplemental indices, and the ability to add context-specific normative profile overlays to your client profile. Further additions allow users to compare client scores to context-specific norm groups via z scores.
  • Provides useful diagnostic and interpretive information. Provides interpretation of the 22 nonoverlapping PAI scales.
  • Generates reports for the full-length PAI and the screener. Scores PAI forms and generates comprehensive, useful, and accurate 10- to 15-page PAI Clinical Interpretive Reports or 2- to 4-page PAS Score Reports.
  • Transitions between the PAS and PAI as needed. After you administer the PAS on-screen, the software automatically transitions to the full PAI if your client’s responses meet the cutoff threshold you have selected.
  • The unique PAI Plus Interpretive Explorer (PAI-IE) enables you to click on the hyperlinks to access pertinent definitions, supplemental indexes, relevant interpretive information, and comparisons of client data with appropriate normative and clinical samples. The PAI Plus Interpretive Explorer is only available on the PAI-SP.
  • Compare client profiles. Users may compare client scores to NIM/PIM predicted profiles via z scores.

PAI-SP Clinical Interpretive Sample Report

PAI-SP PAS Clinical Interpretive Sample Report

System Requirements

  • Windows 8, 10
  • NTFS file system
  • Internet connection for installation and software activation and counter any updates.
Leslie C. Morey

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