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Publisher : ACER Press, 2002

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Practise Now! provides a time-effective method for honing your skills and familiarising yourself with different selection test questions. It is designed to help you prepare for the most common kinds of questions that you may encounter in a selection test.

This guide will give you confidence in answering test questions related to general ability, aptitude and skills. Each chapter covers a different type of question, and includes:

  • A description of the kinds of questions you are asked
  • Sample questions that explain exactly how to find the answer
  • Different answer formats to reflect the range you may encounter
  • Additional sample questions so you can practise this knowledge.
  • Answers are provided for all questions

Chapters include:

  1. Word Knowledge
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Mathematical Problems
  4. Number Sequences and Patterns
  5. Non-Verbal Reasoning
  6. Spatial-Visual Reasoning