Raising Real People 2nd ed.

Creating a Resilient Family

ISBN13 : 9780864314246

Author(s) : Andrew Fuller

Publisher : ACER Press, 2002

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Raising Real People 2nd ed. is an A-Z guide of parenting strategies presenting in a readable style based on research with thousands of families.

Author and clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller explores the delights, frustrations and dilemmas facing parents of adolescents, and offers parents practical solutions to common problems adolescents face.

With a refreshing emphasis on parents being there for their children, rather than on the need to adopt particular parenting skills, the focus of parenting is therefore placed on the quality of the relationship between parent and adolescent.

Fuller identifies parenting practices in well-functioning families that work with adolescents, as well as looking at practices that don't work. He also illustrates the changing fashions in parenting theory, and the different social expectations and pressures that make each generation's task different from that of the previous generation.

Andrew Fuller