Reading Laboratory: 3A Student Record Book (pkg 5)

Author(s) : SRA McGraw Hill

Publisher : SRA McGraw Hill, 2020

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SRA Reading Laboratories support learning for early finishers, extra time gaps and independent reading time. Personalised learning and practice opportunities makes it easy to manage an entire classroom of students at different reading levels with ease.

Level 3A is suitable for reading ages 9–16 years (Grades 7–12).

The Reading Laboratory: 3A Student Record Book (pkg 5) helps enhance each students' learning experience by creating one place for students to record all their answers to the Reading Lab exercise questions on special record pages.

Students can correct mistakes, record scores and chart their progress through the Power Builders. The books also contain a description of procedures, sample pages of trial exercises, and helpful suggestions for effective reading and study habits.

Please note for levels 3A and 3B Student Record Books are sold in packs of 5.

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