SB5 Record Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Gale H. Roid

Publisher : Pro-ED USA, 2003

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The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales-Fifth Edition (SB5) can be used to measure intelligence/cognitive ability from the ages of 2-85+ years.

The collection of 10 subtests, providing Nonverbal, Verbal, and Full Scale IQ scores and other diagnostic indexes, offers highly reliable assessment of intellectual and cognitive abilities, based on a large normative sample. The SB5 provides a comprehensive profile of scores to document the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of children, adolescents, and adults with learning difficulties, delays, and disabilities.

The SB5 may only be administered by hand, but can be scored online via the SB-5 Online Scoring and Report System (hand-scoring may also be conducted).

The SB5 Record Form is used by the examiner to record the examinee's responses. Four types of information are recorded by the examiner depending on the item: Multiple choice, constructed responses (nature of the response), constructed responses (response being correct, partially correct or incorrect) and response for Level 3 Verbal Fluid Reasoning.

The Form was designed to match the widely used format of other IQ tests and guides the examiner through the initial subtests, the Nonverbal sections, and Verbal sections in that order.

Gale H. Roid

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