Sounds-Write Initial Code Reader: Best pals

ISBN13 : 9781905840175

Author(s) : Tita Beaven

Publisher : Sounds-Write

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The Sounds-Write Readers can be used to teach reading, spelling and writing.

Consisting of 24 Readers, the Initial Code series provides simple, one sound/one spelling, one-syllable, CVC words only. As the programme progresses, the complexity of one-syllable words is increased to four-, five- and six-sound words of the structure CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC/CCCVCC, before introducing the most common consonant digraphs.

These decodable readers will enable children to practice the literacy skills they are learning and thereby gain fluency in reading, all while they enjoy the colourfully-illustrated stories. The Initial Code Readers are written particularly to support phonic teaching and can be used by anyone teaching reading to children.

When Jim and Dan fall out, Pip loses patience and runs off. Is there any hope that peace might break out?

  • Initial Code, Unit 10
  • Focuses on words with the structure: cccvc and cccvcc
  • Readers may need help with these words: back, don't, my, or, panic, says, she, tall, tree, upset
Tita Beaven