Special Needs School Survival Guide

ISBN13 : 9781941765210

Author(s) : Cara Koscinski

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2016

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The Special Needs School Survival Guide is the handbook that will answer your questions about school accommodations, how to work with school personnel for government assisted programs, autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in the classroom, learning disabilities, handwriting, ADHD, Individual Education Programs (IEPs), behaviour, dysgraphia, and more!

Cara Koscinski's knowledge provides the relevant information for parents, outlining how to acquire the necessities for their child's success by utilising various government or school-based programs. This book contains easy to follow school activities, and the Q & A format makes the book easy to read and understand.

This book will prove to be a vital resource for parents of children with special needs as they progress through school.

Cara Koscinski has a master's degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). She is the mother to two children with autism, sensory processing disorder, and medically complex needs.

She has successfully founded two private practices in OT and has created CDs for children who fear loud noises.