Start Thinking , Australian Edition

Daily starters to inspire thinking in primary classrooms

ISBN13 : 9780864316059

Author(s) : Marcelo Staricoff and Alan Rees

Publisher : ACER Press, 2006

SKU : 0864316054

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Start Thinking offers over 90 daily thinking skills starters that will challenge your primary school students to think, inquire and reach beyond standard expectations. These self-contained challenges have built-in requirements for students to exercise their minds through essential thinking processes such as questioning, comparing, prioritising, recognising patterns and thinking methodically.

Guidance on presenting each starter is provided, as well as real samples done by students. Teachers have confirmed how much student's enjoyed and benefited from these starters, growing in confidence, persistence and enthusiasm for learning.

The starters are arranged into chapters on number, words, science, philosophy and creativity so you can easily choose the most appropriate challenges for your students.

These challenging starters offer immediate intellectual and emotional rewards to students, underline a whole-school thinking skills approach to the curriculum and reflect the emphasis on positive learning and 'essential learning' in Australian curriculum.

Marcelo Staricoff and Alan Rees