Stop the Bullying

ISBN13 : 9780864315687

Author(s) : Ken Rigby

Publisher : ACER Press, 2003

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Stop the Bullying is a comprehensive handbook with practical advice for educators and parents who want to know how to stop bullying.

Stop the Bullying will assist teachers in finding out what is really happening in their school, and develop a sound and well supported anti-bullying policy.

Teachers and parents will find out how to deal appropriately and constructively with children who bully others, and support and help those children who are victimised by peers at school. It also encourages teacher/parent cooperation in stopping the bullying.

New material includes:

  • Lesson material for teachers working with classes of students, for example, in promoting more positive and effective bystander behaviour
  • Instructional material on how staff in a school can more effectively examine and discuss their own views on how bullying among students may be addressed
  • Advice relating to bullying involving adults in the school community
  • Extensive references to updated research and accessible resources
  • Blackline masters that facilitate the work of teams of educators addressing the problem of bullying in their schools.

Ken Rigby, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Australia. He is a leading international researcher in the area of bullying in schools, having published many books on the subject and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. He has ten years' experience as a school teacher, has been an educational consultant for departments of education and schools, and a speaker at conferences and workshops on school bullying around the world.