Strength Cards (New Edition)

ISBN13 : 9781920945305

Publisher : St. Luke's Innovative Resources, 2008

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Used by family workers, teachers, counsellors and parents, Strength Cards play a vital self-esteem building role in the lives of countless individuals and families. Now with completely new full-colour illustrations, six additional cards, new words, and a booklet with even more suggestions for use, the new edition cards are even more engaging, but with the same life-changing potential.

The Strength Cards are used for a whole range of purposes that include:

  • Helping people identify their strengths and skills
  • Goal setting
  • Exploring values
  • Critical reflection
  • Evaluation
  • Creative writing.

Grounded in strengths-based theory, these 54 illustrated cards are capable of opening up conversations about the difficult things in life as well as nurturing new ways of thinking about life's possibilities.

Originally developed as a resource for families struggling with difficult issues, Strength Cards remind us all that we have strengths (and it helps if we can identify and name our strengths), we can all mobilise and use our strengths to address particular problems and that sharing and celebrating strengths is important.

Strength Cards have found a home in settings as diverse as prisons, primary and secondary schools, financial counselling services, hospitals and hospices, child protection agencies, boardrooms and elite sports academies.

Included with the 54 cards is an instructional booklet.