Survey of Pain Attitudes (SOPA)

Author(s) : Mark P. Jensen and Paul Karoly

Publisher : PAR


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Purpose: To assess patients' attitudes and beliefs about pain

Age: 21-80 years

Time: 10-15 minutes

Administration: Self-report; Individual or Group

Format: Online (PARiConnect)

The Survey of Pain Attitudes (SOPA) assess attitudes and beliefs about pain that play a key role in adjustment and treatment. It helps you helps you understand the pain-related beliefs of your chronic pain patients.

Patients are asked to indicate their level of agreement with 57 statements using a 5-point Likert scale.

Key Features

  • The Profile Form includes a skyline for clinically elevated scores and treatment goals.
  • Reliable change scores help you determine the significance of differences between scores obtained on two different testing occasions (e.g., pre-treatment vs. posttreatment).
  • A validity scale is included to measure inconsistency of responses.
  • Norms are based on a sample of 415 patients with chronic pain.   

The SOPA consists of seven scales that are divided into two domains: Adaptive Beliefs scales consist of Control and Emotion; the Maladaptive Beliefs scales consist of Disability, Harm, Medication, Solicitude, and Medical Cure.

The SOPA can be used in a variety of testing situations, including pre-treatment screening to determine treatment necessity, pre-treatment and posttreatment to determine treatment effectiveness, and periodic re-evaluations to document treatment progress.

SOPA Sample Online Score Report

SOPA Sample Online Longitudinal Report

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Mark P. Jensen and Paul Karoly

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