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Author(s) : Roslyn Neilson

Publisher : Roslyn Neilson, 2003

SKU : DL109

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Age: First to fourth year of schooling

Time: 10 to 15 minutes

Format: Download only

The Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test -Revised (SPAT-R) is an individual diagnostic test of phonological and phonemic awareness (syllable awareness, rhyming, phoneme identification, and phoneme manipulation), with Australian norms covering the first to fourth year of schooling. The SPAT-R can also be used diagnostically for older children.

The SPAT-R also includes brief tests of nonword reading and spelling, with a diagnostic analysis of phonemic awareness as demonstrated by nonword spelling skills.

There are no formal qualification requirements for administering the SPAT-R, but it is expected that test users will be thoroughly familiar with test administration and interpretation, will have watched the demonstration movie, and will have practised giving the test before administering it formally to students.

Skills Tested

  • Sound identification
  • Blending
  • Segmenting
  • Manipulation
  • Nonword reading
  • Nonword spelling

The Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test -Revised (SPAT-R) Download includes:

  • Read me Instructions
  • SPAT-R Manual
  • SPAT-R Demonstration Movie (MP4) - 30 minutes
  • Test forms and Nonword Scoring Grid: Form A & B
  • Stimulus Pages: Form A & B

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