Teaching and Learning Difficulties 2nd ed.

ISBN13 : 9781742863771

Author(s) : Peter Westwood

Publisher : ACER Press, 2016

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The 2nd edition of Peter Westwood's best-selling Teaching and Learning Difficulties addresses recent initiatives around effective teaching, the greater focus on teaching standards, and the increasing importance of teachers' level of expertise and depth of subject knowledge. It presents evidence-based methods for teaching, aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and references the most recent policies, practices and research literature on effective teaching strategies and approaches.

Teaching and Learning Difficulties provides guidance on teaching students that encounter difficulties in a number of learning areas, including science, social studies, history, geography and environmental education. Using a cross-curricular perspective, it explores multiple teacher-directed and student-centred instructional approaches for classroom use, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses and specific aspects of each one. It also examines the impact of classroom interactions that influence learning, suggests strategies for reducing learning failure and enhancing students' progress, and presents a 'big picture' perspective on teaching and learning difficulties.

In the Learning Difficulties series, Peter Westwood evaluates, summarises and presents research, strategies and best-practice methodologies for working with students that have learning difficulties in particular subject areas. Rigorous yet accessible, the titles in this series provide teachers with the knowledge, data and direction they need to develop their skills and meet student needs.

Peter Westwood previously held the position of Associate Professor of Education and has taught all age groups. He has been presented with awards for excellence in teaching from Flinders University in South Australia as well as from the University of Hong Kong. Peter has published many books and articles on educational subjects and is currently an educational consultant based in Macau, China.