Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School

An integrated health perspective

ISBN13 : 9781742861708

Author(s) : Dr Janet Currie

Publisher : ACER Press, 2014

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Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School is designed to assist pre-service and practising teachers in understanding Health and Physical Education (HPE) and how students learn about the influences of health, physical activity and optimisation of wellbeing.

This strengths-based approach to the curriculum shifts the focus from the 'medical' model of health to a health-promoting view of wellbeing. Combined with its companion resource, Teaching Physical Education in Primary School, this thorough guide supports secondary teachers in delivering HPE to a diverse range of students' needs.

The book addresses key topics, including:

  • The key learning ideas of the HPE subject
  • Understanding the important links between physical activity, health and wellbeing
  • The development of health literacy and the benefit of healthy, active lifestyles
  • Developing students' competence, confidence and motivation
  • Current health issues in the context of HPE.

Dr Janet Currie, MHlthsc (Hons), MEd, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Physical Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Formerly a school teacher and national level athlete, she has been a university lecturer for over 25 years. She is also involved in community health promotion and health policy with government bodies and commercial enterprises and continues to practise as a professional fitness leader.