Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills™ (TILLS™)

Author(s) : Nickola Nelson Ph.D., Elena Plante Ph.D., Nancy Helm-Estabrooks Sc.D., Gillian Hotz Ph.D.

Publisher : Brookes Publishing


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Purpose: Test oral and written language skills in students ages 6—18 years
Age: 6–18.11 years
Time: All 15 subtests in one 70- to 90-minute session or two 45-minute sessions.

The Test of Integrated Language & Literacy Skills™ (TILLS™) is a reliable, valid assessment used to test oral and written language skills in students ages 6—18 years. TILLS is a comprehensive, norm-referenced test that has been standardised for three purposes:

  1. To identify language/literacy disorders
  2. To document patterns of relative strengths and weaknesses
  3. To track changes in language and literacy skills over time

Through 15 subtests measuring key skills, you’ll assess and compare the full range of students’ oral and written language and literacy skills. The resulting scores and the clear, at-a-glance TILLS Profile help you identify and track a student’s strengths and weaknesses—information you’ll use as you develop custom-tailored interventions.

The TILLS will help you reach your ultimate goal: improving students’ communication skills so they can succeed in school.

First, you’ll identify at-risk students with the evidence based Student Language Scale (SLS), a quick and easy one-page, 12-question screener filled out by the teacher, parent, and student. Complete in less than five minutes, the SLS helps you:

  • Screen for language/literacy disorders by gathering teachers’ and parents’ ratings of students.
  • Gather input about a struggling student’s strengths and needs from multiple sources
  • Enhance home–school communication by gaining new insight into student performance, whether or not there are concerns.

After the SLS helps you identify children at risk for a language/literacy disorder, use the TILLS for diagnosis. Here’s how:

  • Administer all 15 TILLS subtests.
  • Complete the first page of the Examiner’s Record Form, a chart that helps you score the subtests, compare the scores to those of the student’s same-age peers, and compare the sound/ word composite score to the sentence discourse composite score.
  • Complete the Identification Chart to determine if the student has a disorder.
  • Complete the Profile Chart for an at-a-glance, big-picture look at the student’s current language and literacy skills

TILLS is ideal for evaluating students suspected of having a primary language impairment, suspected of having a learning disability, reading disability, or dyslexia, known to have an existing condition associated with difficulties in spoken and written language (such as deaf or hard of hearing, autism spectrum disorder, or intellectual disability) or struggling with language and literacy comprehension and social communication skills (such as social communication disorder).

The TILLS Easy-Score™ is a free and convenient electronic scoring solution for the TILLS™.

Easy-Score saves you time by automating steps to complete the Examiner Record Form’s Scoring Chart and Identification Chart. Easy-Score:

  • Calculates the student’s age based on birth date and test date to help ensure accuracy.
  • Converts the raw scores you enter to standard scores and percentile ranks for each subtest.
  • Completes the Scoring Chart for you, populating the TILLS composite scores, identification core score, total score, and the standard scores and percentile ranks of the total and composite scores.
  • Completes the Identification Chart to inform you if the student’s results are consistent with the presence of a language/literacy disorder.
  • Generates a PDF report that you can print or save for a student’s file or share with parents or school personnel.

NB: You will need Adobe Reader, in order to access your results.

TILLS Easy-Score™ Demo Video

After a timely 2020 study supported the validity of administering TILLS virtually, the TILLS developers have made supplemental Tele-TILLS materials available to guide users who are supporting students in online settings. The new TILLS Examiner's Kit (inc Tele-TILLS) will include the Tele-TILLS materials.

The Tele-TILLS components are:

  • Digital Tele-TILLS Stimulus Book: This audio-enhanced stimulus book contains the stimuli needed to administer the TILLS subtests virtually.
  • Tele-TILLS instructions: A PDF of clear guidelines for administering TILLS using distance technology, including technical details, materials needed, step-by-step examiner instructions, and tips on scoring and interpreting results.
  • Facilitator instructions: A handy, one-page quick guide for parents and other adult facilitators who are assisting with technology setup and troubleshooting during virtual administration of TILLS.

Please note: If you are an existing TILLS user (who own a copy of the standard TILLS Examiner’s Kit), you are eligible to purchase Tele-TILLS separately. This must be processed with the publisher directly, BROOKES Publishing.

Nickola Nelson Ph.D., Elena Plante Ph.D., Nancy Helm-Estabrooks Sc.D., Gillian Hotz Ph.D.

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