TVPS-4 Manual

Publisher : Academic Therapy Publications, 2017

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The Test of Visual Perceptual Skills–4th Edition (TVPS-4) is a comprehensive assessment of visual analysis and processing skills, used for determining visual-perceptual strengths and weaknesses.

The newly updated TVPS-4 now includes 18 items in each of seven perceptual areas, and additional lower-level items to address the needs of younger or more impaired individuals. Norms also now extend through to 21 years of age, making the TVPS-4 useful for a wider range of examinees.

The TVPS-4 Manual provides information on:

  •     Structure of the TVPS-4
  •     General Considerations
  •     Administration
  •     Scoring
  •     Interpreting Results
  •     Test Development
  •     Standardisation
  •     Reliability
  •     Validity

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