Understanding Children 3rd ed.

Foundations for Quality

ISBN13 : 9780864316486

Author(s) : Jeannette Harrison

Publisher : ACER Press, 2003

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Young children are spending more time in childcare and parents expect their children will be well cared for and educated in quality environments. Understanding Children identifies key indicators for quality and presents case studies to allow optimum learning and implementation of the ideas.

Using the ideas presented in Understanding Children, parents and professionals will be assisted in developing a strong framework for successfully guiding and managing children's behaviour. Author Jeannette Harrison describes quality early childhood environments and identifies those aspects essential for the development of self-esteem and positive social behaviour.

The 3rd edition has been extensively expanded with an increased emphasis on providing a quality, nurturing environment for children while in care and outlines a new set of guidelines for adults interacting with young children. It uses recent research studies on children in care and the effects of childcare on young children's later emotional development and social behaviour.

Understanding Children is based on developmental and humanistic principles. Its strong theoretical foundation is balanced by a practical look at what a professional can do in a variety of everyday situations by applying concepts and strategies appropriate to children's different developmental levels.

Jeannette Harrison