Understanding PAT - Brisbane 27.08.2024

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Progressive Achievement workshop
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Understanding PAT

Workshop details:
Workshop date: Tuesday 27.08.2024
Workshop time: 9 am - 3 pm
Workshop location: Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth Street, 4000

This workshop is designed for educators who want to develop their knowledge and understanding of PAT and the Progressive Achievement approach. It provides an overview of PAT implementation in the Maths and Reading domains, from accessing student data to identifying students' next steps in their learning, in a range of school environments.

In this highly practical workshop, you will learn how to effectively analyse student assessment data to determine their understanding of key skills and concepts and identify their teaching and learning needs. It is highly recommended that you arrange access to the data in your school’s online account for use in this session to make the learning as relevant and realistic as possible.

Every step of the PAT assessment process will be covered, from tutorials and investigation tasks demonstrating how to access student data, to case studies illustrating simple reporting and data interrogation methods that will help you link data with teaching practice.

The evidence-based, holistic Progressive Achievement approach helps educators monitor student growth and target teaching where it is needed most, and Understanding PAT will show you how to get the most from your PAT data.

Recommended prior learning:
No prior PAT professional learning is required. It is highly recommended that attendees organise access to the data in their school’s online account for this session.

Intended learning outcomes:
Participants will learn how to:

  • better understand the Progressive Achievement approach
  • effectively implement PAT
  • interrogate PAT data through reports
  • monitor student growth and use PAT to identify next steps in students' learning.

Intended audience:
Aimed at educators keen to develop and further their knowledge and understanding of PAT, ideally those responsible for administering or reporting on PAT assessments, or for implementing teaching and learning strategies informed by assessment results.

All ACER events will operate under ACER’s COVID-19 Safe plan. 
In the event of unforeseen circumstances (travel restrictions, lockdowns, isolation, or quarantine, etc.), our face-to-face events will move to an online environment.

ACER PAT Workshop Presenters

Matt Bongetti
Senior Project Officer

Matt Bongetti is a former primary school teacher whose role at ACER is to aid and support schools and systems in their use of online assessments. Matt has the unique perspective of seeing both sides of PAT, having delivered PAT tests as a teacher and now working with schools. His work as part of the school engagement team involves developing and delivering content to schools through school visits, video conferences, webinars and workshops.

Marc Kralj
Education Consultant

Marc Kralj is the Educational Consultant for ACER’s School and Early Childhood Education Services Unit. The focus of Marc’s work is to support school leaders and teaching staff to implement ACER’s Progressive Achievement approach using PAT. Before joining ACER, Marc held a range of different positions within the government education sector (Department for Education, South Australia) for over thirty years. Marc has a deep understanding of the implementation of assessment strategies, moderation and reporting, curriculum content and learning design. He has extensive knowledge in using data and evidence to support teachers in developing a deeper understanding to inform teaching and learning practices in and across a school context. He has held a number of leadership roles that specifically supported the Australian Curriculum, special needs programs, assessment and reporting, information technology and school data analysis.

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All ACER events will operate under ACER’s COVID-19 Safe plan.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (travel restrictions, lockdowns, isolation, or quarantine, etc.), our face-to-face events will move to an online environment.