Visualizing and Verbalizing Teacher's Manual 2nd ed.

Author(s) : Nanci Bell

Publisher : Gander Publishing , 2007

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The Visualizing and Verbalizing Teacher's Manual provides the theory and specific steps to develop concept imagery-the ability to image a gestalt (whole) from language. It describes the important questioning techniques that stimulate imagery so the teacher can learn to help students visualize language and verbalize what they have imaged.

This imagery-language connection is essential for oral and written language comprehension, as well as critical thinking, following directions, and expressive language.

The Manual makes implementation of this highly effective program easy for teachers or parents. You

The Manual includes:

  • The theory of cognition and science of Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Sample lessons
  • Step summaries
  • Individual, group, and classroom instruction
Nanci Bell