Visualizing and Verbalizing Workbooks - Grade 5 Set 1

Author(s) : Nanci Bell

Publisher : Gander Publishing

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The Visualizing and Verbalizing Comprehension Workbooks have high-imagery stories and questions that help students develop concept imagery for language comprehension and critical thinking.

Each story is accompanied by workbook activities.

Workbook activities include: * Imagery Questions * Picture Summary * Word Summary * Main Idea * Inference * Conclusion * Paragraph Writing

These Workbooks contain carefully designed questions to develop imagery and higher order thinking. Writing skills are also developed after each paragraph with fun story starters.

Three books at each grade level follow the steps of Visualizing and Verbalizing: 1. Sentence by Sentence (Book A) 2. Multiple Sentence (Book B) 3. Whole Paragraph/Paragraph by Paragraph (Book C).

Grade 5 is available in Set 1 and 2.

Set 1 includes Workbooks 5-1A, 5-1B and 5-1C.

Nanci Bell