Vocational Selection (VST) Sample Collection of Questions PDF

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Publisher : ACER, 2016

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Official MFB Vocational Selection Test (VST) practice materials.

This downloadable PDF contains practice test questions for three components of the Vocational Selection Test:

VERBAL REASONING Verbal reasoning is the ability to understand and reason using concepts framed in words. It aims at testing your ability to think logically, understand relationships, solve problems and think critically, rather than simply understanding vocabulary.

QUANTITATIVE REASONING Quantitative reasoning measures your ability to understand, analyse, interpret and draw logical conclusions based on numerical and mathematical data and situations.

ABSTRACT REASONING The abstract reasoning assessment is used to measure the ability to think clearly to solve problems and quickly identify patterns and logical rules based on abstract visual patterns rather than numbers and words. It involves recognising the rule or rules that govern the progression of a pattern from one diagram to another in a series, or to identify the part which is missing from a diagram.

The sample tests can be used to practice sitting the test under timed conditions.

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