What Teachers Need to Know About Differentiated Instruction

ISBN13 : 9781742862927

Author(s) : Peter Westwood

Publisher : ACER Press, 2016

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The What Teachers Need to Know About series aims to refresh and expand basic teaching knowledge and classroom experience. Books in the series provide essential information about a range of subjects necessary for today's teachers to do their jobs effectively. These books are short, easy-to-use guides to the fundamentals of a subject with clear reference to other, more comprehensive, sources of information.

In order to be most effective, instruction in inclusive classrooms needs to be geared carefully to students' individual learning rates and levels of ability.What Teachers Need to Know About Differentiated Instruction presents a concise look at developing and implementing differentiated instruction programs. It provides both general and specific strategies, examines supporting tools and technologies, and focuses on overcoming the challenges of sustaining instruction programs over time and for multiple student cohorts.

Peter Westwood has been an Associate Professor of Education and has taught all age groups. He holds awards for excellence in teaching from Flinders University in South Australia and from the University of Hong Kong. Peter has published many books and articles on educational subjects and is currently an educational consultant based in Macau, China.