Who Said Fun Deck

with Secret Decoder

Author(s) : Molly DeShong

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Help students improve expressive, receptive, inferencing, and generalising skills by answering "Who said" questions involving everyday phrases and expressions they may hear people express in different professions and occupations.

Students read the "Who said" question, study the illustration, choose an answer, then check the answer (marked with invisible ink) using the Secret Decoder.

"Who Said...Did you bring your homework?"

a) Zookeeper b) Teacher b) Waiter

Please note: To activate the Secret Decoder you must remove the isolator strip between the batteries by pulling out the battery case and removing the orange strip.

The deck includes the illustrated cards, game ideas for extension activities, content cards, and one secret decoder.

Suitable for K - Year 5.

Molly DeShong